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Our Community Service

We believe in actively giving back to the community. The Major Funeral Home volunteers hundreds of hours each year in community service helping to feed the homeless and rebuild economically depressed areas of south Dallas.

Our most recent project included the remodel of a dilapidated mansion.  Today "The White House" has been restored to its glory.  It is now used to house the homeless and serve a local non-profit organization.

We have helped to serve Thanksgiving dinners to hundreds of impoverished families for the past 10 years.

In 2006, The Major Cremation Funeral Center and The Alpha Crematory Service was established to eliminate the use of third party vendors, and to provide the comfort to families that all of their needs were being handled by those who care about the remains of the departed.   

With each act of service, we remain thankful that we can invest ourselves in helping others.  We make sure that every person from every economic level can have a dignified and affordable funeral.

When you chose The Major Funeral Home, you join with us in giving back to a community that needs your help.  The Major Funeral home gives the gift of volunteering that keeps on giving.